The ETIS Project is co-funded by the E-Content program of the European Union


The European Tender Information System etis is a service in the field of public procurement in the European Union. etis aims at overcoming restrictions for enterprises in accessing public tender imformation by developing an internet based public tender information platform especially for the hardly accessible sub-treshold tender.


More than 80 % of public tender in Europe are published at national level. Due to the lower value these tenders are of particular interest to SMEs. Since sub-threshold tenders are usually announced in national languages in normally more than one media SME encounter sincere difficulties in accessing these information.


etis has began to make national tenders more procurable to enterprises. Starting off with 13 partners in 10 european countries within the project phase (2005-2006) it is made up of now 16 partners from 12 countries.


The service is accessible via regional etis affiliate websites run by the etis partners.

etis targets at the following user groups:

  • Businesses and Enterprises
  • Public authorities
  • Interested Multipliers
  • Professionals

The etis service provides the following benefits:

  • Improved access to public tenders
  • Assistance in efficiently evaluating these in regard of relevance for their business
  • Background information on general and legal aspects of public tender information
  • Decentralised access to European wide information
  • Cooperation and sharing of experiences

The main benefits for the public sector will be the improved publication of tenders leading to more and better offers from interested contractors.




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