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Haandvaerksraadet International A/S is host organisation for EIC Viborg, which is specialised in consultancy services on exports and international co-operation. Through its large European network, EIC Viborg can nearly always find exports with local market knowledge, who can provide direct and correct business information.Haandvaerksraadet International is a specialised consultancy, which assists manufacturing companies with constructing, maintaining and expanding their exports. The company offer practical assistance and solutions to many of the problems, which can arise in connection with cross-border activity. Haandvaerksraadet International A/S has more than 20 years experience of co-operating with Danish exporters in developing their sales to new markets. The company deal with West, Central and Eastern Europe, North and South America and the Far East and can work in five main languages


EIC Viborg has left the consortia after the end of etis-project.


Companies from Denmark interested in getting access to the etis database please contact one of the other etis partners.


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