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Agder Research (AR) was established in 1985 in the Agder region, the south of Norway. It is working on projects for Norwegian Ministries, local governments, regional partners, enterprises and the European Commission in the fields of business development, regional development and public sector affairs. AR is embedded in the regional innovation system in Agder and maintains a close relationship between business life and new knowledge to provide flexible solutions on specific areas, amongst them public procurement. AR has since 1990 worked on business development in other European Countries and is therefore the host organisation of Euro Info Centre South Norway and member of The European Network for SME research (ENSR).


Access to the etis-database


Agder has left the consortia after the end of etis-project.


Companies from Denmark interested in getting access to the etis database please contact one of the other etis partners or workxl directly.


Email to workxl:



Frode Braadland




4604 Kristiansand



phone: +47 480 10528

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